Friday, 11 September 2009

Back in SA

So, I've just changed my blog name and it's the first time I've blogged since. like, years ago!
Yeah, you know what I mean?
:) Sorry, just messing around.
I'm really writing this to share a piece of my experience with Neotel.
I've kinda been a fan of Neotel because they are bringing to the South African Communication market better connections and cheaper services.
Unfortunately their service level doesn't quite meet the levels I would like. Maybe I'm just not used to the low levels of service in South Africa. I used to complain about the low levels of service in China, but I'm starting to realise that perhaps South Africa is worse!

I have just gotten off the phone to Neotel (now happens to = 5:30pm) I am not able to use my cheap internet connection any more because all the technicians have gone home.
Apparently I need a technician to tell me that I need a new phone when I can see the thing is physically broken myself!
Now they won't be in till Monday, which means the beauty of it is that I probably won't be able to get another phone until the END of next week! ARGH!